8 L cast iron cauldron with enameled lid on tripod + 80 cm FATAPERA brazier

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8 L cast iron cauldron with enameled lid on tripod + FATAPERA brazier 80 cm Beautiful forged FATAPERA iron garden fire pit, can be used in several ways. By combining it with focal barbecue on a tripod. The same fireplace will be a practical choice for a fire, portable grill, heat source, as well as an elegant way of lighting. With the handle mounted on both sides the oven can be quickly and easily moved to any point in the garden or terrace to easily and safely create a fire. The small dimensions of the oven make it easy to take with you for a picnic or other. FATAPERA Garden Fireplace has been painted with black powder for great resistance to mechanical damage and bad weather. Hungarian cauldron, Hungarian cast iron kettle; This cauldron allows the ideal cooking of a wide variety of dishes with its captivating taste and original smell. The set includes a pot and a lid to keep the flavor and aroma inside the pot while cooking. Kettle that could be hung on the wrought iron tripod (see in our catalog) with a height of approximately 165cm/180cm adjustable height, and which also serves as a decorative element for your garden. This Hungarian kettle is designed to prepare an unforgettable and convivial evening without losing the culinary flavor of your food. The Hungarian Kettle is made entirely of high quality cast iron, which makes it very easy to clean and prevents corrosion. The height of the cauldron can be easily adjusted using the spool on the top of the tripod. Cauldron with a capacity of 8L / 11L / 16L will allow you to prepare several dishes for 10 -15 people. Now you can cook easily in your garden. Hungarian kettle is an excellent solution for camping or as part of a successful event in the garden. Our cauldrons are high quality for healthy eating, excellent design for easy use; The cauldron is made of solid cast iron with very good thermal conductivity and keeps your food warm for a very long time. - Characteristics: thickness: 2.5mm - capacity: 8L - thickness of the garden fireplace: 2.5 mm - Ø 80 cm - Height of the tripod: 180 cm. - available capacities of the cast iron cauldron: 8L, 11L or 16L - available dimensions of the FATAPERA brazier: Ø 60 cm, 70 cm or 80 cm High-end product - European manufacturing